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Join My Team!

I have been an Independent Demonstrator now for a few years now and I am having the time of my life :)  I have a few friends that get together once a month and we do a couple cards. At this point we do just Christmas Cards and there is no commitment. They just come and we have a great time!

I signed up under my Mom who had been a Demo for a few years. I lost her this August (2016) but a am going to keep her passion going! I started doing this with her, in her groups and helping her out once and a while with her groups. At the beginning I had NO intention of having anything to do with it. She asked for my help one Holiday Season to put together cards to give as gifts. I really didn't want to help but she was very persistent so I decided to give her a hand.... That was all it took, I WAS HOOKED!!

It is really a great experience and I hope I can last at it for as long as my Mom!

If becoming a Demo is something you think you would enjoy, check out my Stampin' Up! Independent Demontrator website and learn all about it!

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